Kowa Ophthalmic Systems: Who are we?

I would like to introduce Kowa Ophthalmic Systems.  Kowa Ophthalmic Systems was founded in 1980 and is part of Kowa Company Ltd., which was founded in 1894. Kowa Electronics and Optics Division have combined electronics, mechanics, and optics to create the newest technologies in eye care.  We are devoted to promoting progressive health legislations, and improving products and systems through out the health care industry.  Kowa is currently offering 5 main systems for eye care – the Automatic Perimeter, Digital Imaging Systems, Slit Lamps, Tonometers and NEITZ Binocular Loupes.

The Automatic Perimeter (AP-5000C) is used for static and kinetic perimetry and is easy to operate using its mouse.  The test results are visually easy to understand and the analysis functions are versatile.  The data is store in a PC, which makes it easy to integrate other software programs.

We offer four different Digital Imaging Systems, each with a unique feature.  Out Kowa VX-10 α/ VK-2 as well as our Kowa nomyd α-D III/VK-2 our both doctor and patient friendly.  They integrate the most advanced components and technologies with imaging input as well as networking capabilities, which makes these products crucial for today’s practices.

Our Kowa nomyd7/VK-2 is an easy to use funds camera, which offers high-resolution photography.  Our last Digital Imaging System is the Kowa Handheld Genesis D/Df/VK-2 is a retinal 2 mega-pixel camera for color and FA photography.  It is small and light weight which can turn any space into a clinic.

We have two different Slit Lamps as well.  Out Digital Slit Lamp Imaging System adds images to slit lamps and features live video feeds as well as still photos.  Our Kowa SL-15 Slit Lamp is portable and has a rechargeable power source.  It offers even illumination and high quality optics.

We provide two Tonometers, one portable and compact and one in-office machine.  The Kowa Applanation Tonometer is lightweight and easy to handle using one hand.  The direct reading type precision means no conversion tables are necessary.  Our Kowa KT-500 is our newest Tonometer and offers 3D auto-alignment functions and high-speed printouts.

Our last product is the NEITZ Binocular Loupes the BLS-1 and BLS-3, which both offer large view of field diameter.  Objects can be seen stereoscopically and focus and pupillary distance can be adjusted to minimize fatigue after prolonged use.

Kowa is a leading innovative brand in Ophthalmic Systems.  We will be providing information on eye care, eye systems, and our newest products.  Kowa is working to assist eye care in all sectors.  You can find us on Facebook as well as Twitter to get the most updated information about our products and company.

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  1. Excellent capsule of your products. Can we also have a byline to this excellent post?

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