Vitamins for Your Eyes are Found in Your Daily Foods!

Most of us take vitamins for any ailment and to keep our selves healthy.  We know that Vitamin C is good for our immune system, and Vitamin D is good for our skin and sun health, and we all have our daily vitamin to cover all the basics.  But, what about Vitamins for our eyes!  We are constantly using our eyes through out the day and rarely stop to think about them until they are bothering us.  Well, we do have a vitamin for them, it won’t correct or necessarily stop degenerating eye health, but it will help to prevent many eye problems!

Ever heard the myth that carrots help you see better?  Well carrots do carry a very helpful vitamin for eye health – Vitamin A.  Vitamin A is an antioxidising agent that is known to prevent weakening vision, macular degeneration, cataracts, and even blindness. Carrots alone aren’t the total daily vitamins for eyes, but it is a main part.  Like any part of the body other vitamins work in conjunction with Vitamin A to create a healthy effect.  Vitamin C for instance is known to reduce the risk of glaucoma and degeneration.

We do have to be careful though, because like any vitamin, we can overdose and it can cause a bad reaction.  When one has an overdose of Vitamin A the eyes will become red, itchy, and will worsen when taking more vitamins.  Check with your doctor to find out more about the best vitamins for your eyes and if there are any other supplements you should be taking.  Each of the “eye” vitamins are found in both your daily vitamin as well as in daily foods such as carrots, oranges, and nuts!

One Comment on “Vitamins for Your Eyes are Found in Your Daily Foods!”

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