Pregnancy and your Eyes

Did you know that the retinal drops used to dilate the pupils could be harmful to pregnant women?  Some of them have chemicals that neurologically affect the fetus.  Luckily, today we have retinal cameras to avoid this problem!  If you must get your eyes checked during pregnancy, or while trying to conceive, find out if your eye doctor has a retinal camera.

In a new blog post from The Eye Information Blog they found the vision disruptions starts in the third trimester and may last 3 months post partum.  Most women will notice blurry vision or intermittent visual disturbances.  This changes are not positively from pregnancy so if noticed it will be important to go see an eye doctor.  Some visual symptoms that may be noticed are intermittent blurs, headaches, dizziness, auras, double vision, glare at night, light sensitivity and eye strain.  Some women may experience changes in their eye sighted if they already have glasses, it may get worse or better.

Some women find that contact lenses become more irritating to the eyes because the eyes may become dryer.  In terms of eye drops no studies have shown that they are harmful to the mother or fetus.  It has been recommended that women do not get their pupil’s dilated with the eye drops.  Today, we have retinal cameras to help with this problem so anyone can avoid using the eye drops.

In terms of your baby a few studies have shown a few foods that may improve the child’s eyesight in uteri.  Oily fishes such as sardines or mackerel once every two weeks is good!  These fish have dha, a fatty acid, which is also found in breast milk.  NOT all fish can be eaten so make sure to consult your doctor before hand.

Once your child is born there are few toys that Optometrists have recommended they play with to improve eyesight.  Any toys with a black and white contrast help the cortex develop and swinging toys help teach the eyes to follow.  Any thing with a lot of colors and movement such as a fish tank or screen saver.  It is about training your child’s brain and eyes to react together.

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