Headaches and Your Eyes

Headaches can be detrimental to one’s day, so it is important to find out what could be causing them.  If you are having migraines or constant headaches going to see a doctor is recommended.  Sometimes your eyes may cause your headaches.

Frontal headaches, ones that feel like they are on the front forehead and behind the eyes are normally vision elated.  Sometimes it can be caused by sinus pressure, but if you notice these headaches when doing very close work it most likely vision related.  Simple reading glasses can alleviate this problem.

Headaches that occur in the back of the head, or the occipital area, and neck can be caused by a few problems such as posture.  They can be eye related if they come mainly while seated at a desk and could have to do with the work you are doing.  If you work a lot a computer and notice these headaches, or if you work with small type these headaches are definitely vision related.

The temporal headaches that occur near your temples are normally caused by stress.  These come when one is under a lot of pressure because many people tend to clench their jaw and tense up.  If under a lot of stress try to be conscious of tensing your muscles and jaw.  Remember to relax!

The last type of headache, which is really terrible, is the migraine.  Migraine can be caused by many factors such as diet, caffeine, and exercise.  If you are having visual symptoms such as flashing lights you should see both an eye doctor and a physician.

If you are having constant headaches seeing both an eye doctor and a physician is recommended.

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