Employers Are Failing To Set Up Eye Care

Eye care is normally the last on the list of doctors appointments – if you can see right now, no need to go.  But this thinking can easily hurt you later in life when you realize that a cataract was easily preventable.  Eye care is extremely important, without your eyes how will you go about your daily tasks as you do now?  How will you work at the job you have now?  Eye care cannot be forgotten.

 In a recent study done in the UK it was shown that one-fifth of employers do not offer any eye care policy, and those that do rarely discuss the options and money saving benefits of it (according to Specsavers).   Bosses are required by law to meet the cost of eye care tests and corrective glasses for staff that use Visual Display Units. A Visual Display Unit is any monitor with a screen – most common is a computer.  Any staff that works at computer is thus required by law to have the cost covered for eye care tests.  These workers need to be made aware of their rights in order to benefit appropriately.

Some companies do reimburse their staff for eye care expenses, and some purchase eye care vouchers, but most employers and employees are not aware of the benefits that they can receive from getting eye care.

Using computer screens are highly taxing on the eyes.  People need to be informed to take regular breaks as to avoid blurred vision, headaches and fatigue.  It is highly recommended that when taking a break one looks away from their screen and into the distance in order to help adjust the eyes back to normal.

Our eyes are extremely important for taking in the world around us.  We need to stress eye care as an option for all employers and employees.  Find out what your options are from your office today.