DigiVersal: An Easy Way to Share Diagnostic Images

Today with all of our patients documents going digital, it would be easy if all of the information, including photos, could be digital.  Kowa Medical has made its very own managing system for your patient’s diagnostic images, DigiVersal (which runs well with our patient management system activEHR).  These images can come from a variety of technologies such as cameras, slit lamps, and OCT’s. DigiVersal allows for flawless flow of patient data and diagnostic images from a variety of technologies because we know that ease of data transfer is key for clinicians and patients.

DigiVersal independently gathers images from numerous diagnostic tools and brings them together into one inclusive folder.  This allows for ease of access, as well as analysis.  The database in which the information is collected is both organized and easily searchable.  This database system can be accessed network wide, which allows for multiple clinics to work together.

We have a brochure and more information online.  Please go to www.kowa-usa.com.

Optometry Goes Digital

As the rest of the world becomes totally digitized, so does the optometry world.  One of the first steps to bringing optometry into the technological world is the installation of the electronic medical records (EMR).  Almost every practice has hundreds of images of patients that pass through many hands and go into many files.  The digital image management system with a single database is a way of simplifying this process while easily granting practitioners access to patient’s files. The process of tracking the testing of a patient’s eyes from an initial visit through to the point of prescription is known as image workflow management.

Automating the image workflow management has many benefits.  There is a challenge to effectively and efficiently organize, store, and retrieve image files; this would be eliminated with the automated system.  A digital image management system also eliminates having to annually review and document images, as well as having to access many databases through an EMR system.

An effective image management system has to flow in a similar fashion as clinical environment.  It also must be compatible with the offices current electronic health record (EHR) system.  When evaluating the best system for your company there are few standards that one should look for.  Do you have on-click imaging opening, are the images automatically flagged and noted, and is it possible to merge the EHR system with the image management system?

Kowa DigiVersal offers a Digital Image Management SystemThe DigiVersal system offers practitioners the chance to display and review images on a single screen.  It also offers Draw-It for the best integrations of your drawings.  Its time to get rid of those bulky paper charts and switch to a digital system.