Eye Exercises: Improve Your Eyes with These Easy Exercises

There a few doctors that the general public tends to cut when times get tough – eye care and the dentist.  To some these two doctors seem somewhat unnecessary, if you can see your eyes are fine, if your teeth don’t hurt they must be fine.  But, as we all know this is not really the case.  No matter how often you brush your teeth and floss you can still get a cavity.

Many eye doctors have come out with eye exercises to help their patients improve their eye health while not in the office.  Some people feel that wearing glasses will only exponentially decrease their vision, so they have chosen to also do eye exercises.  I am sure each doctor has their own set of exercises, but we have compiled a list of the most common eye exercises.

These exercises are meant to be done through out the day when your eyes are feeling tired, restless, or you need a break.  The first exercise is when you wake up in the morning to splash a bit of room temperature water on your eyes to remove debris and wake them up nicely.   As the day goes on and your eyes begin to feel tired you can use a technique called palming.  Cup your hands so that your palm is over your eye, but not on it and your fingers on your forehead.  Put your elbows on a table and lean forward so your eyes are resting over your palms.  Try and keep all the light out and just relax your eyes.  Doing this helps to reset your color vision as well as relax your eyes.  The recommended time for this exercise is three minutes.

Another exercise is the figure eight, which works your eyes flexibility and gives them a break.  Stand or sit with your arms by your sides comfortably.  Imagine that there is a figure 8 on its side (the infinity sign) about 10 feet away from you.  Trace this figure eight with your eyes first in one direction and then in the other.  If you work at a computer screen or hold documents close to your eyes for multiple hours this exercise should be done very often.  Remember to breathe and blink!

The last exercise I will talk about is scanning.  This helps to keep blood flow and muscle movement.  When one stares it restricts blood flow and muscle movement-causing tension.  Stand or sit, or you can move, but scan your eyes over the room.  As you do so paint each object with your eye in order to get as much movement as possible.

Remember massaging your eyes is also great!

This article has 11 great eye exercises to help your eyes stay healthy!